Texas A&M College of Dentistry is a teaching institution in which treatment is performed by students and supervised by licensed clinical faculty. 

 Screening Appointments

乐动体育app正版A screening appointment is necessary to determine if you are a suitable teaching patient, and can only be made according to the instructions on the Screening Clinic Information page.

Screening Clinic Information 

Extraction Clinic

The Extraction Clinic requires a reservation.

Reservations will be made 2-3 days in advance only. Reservations may require that you be here all day.

For more about the Extraction Clinic


Requesting or Sending Dental Records

If you’d like to request a copy of your dental records please print and complete the Authorization Form. Once completed the form can be faxed to 214-874-4552, emailed to: achavez@prithvivallabh.com乐动体育app正版 or mailed to 3302 Gaston Ave Dallas Tx 75246.

To forward records or x rays to us, email them to COD-Records@prithvivallabh.com.

乐动体育app正版For questions regarding records please call 214-828-8217